Textual Concepts

This progression of textual concepts gives members a clear development of the understandings explicitly stated in or implied by the English K-10 syllabus. Developed jointly by the ETA and the Department of Education, Textual Concepts explains the meanings of terms and charts the development of these terms from Early Stage One to Stage 5 to support teachers in 

  • guiding students towards higher order thinking through the core of the discipline of English and
  • concept-based programming. 
Give your students the benefit of this resource.

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New Free Teaching Resource

Food Connects Us
This is a program for an English unit using the 'food show' format to introduce and understanding of hybrid media programs and showing the importance of these shows in supporting intercultural understanding, Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia, and sustainability. The program outline is accompanied by student worksheets.
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Video interviews with Australia's top authors

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    2016 Events:

    • Teachers - Effective Pedagogy in English, Friday 19th February
    • Teachers - Webinar Series: beginning 24th February-Traditional or functional? Background to grammar and its uses
    • Teachers - Teaching Ext 1, 2nd March
    • Students - Ext: 2 day, 20th March
    • Students - Ext: 1 day, 15th May
    • Teachers - ECT day, 28th May - The classroom and you.
    • Students - Modules day, 22nd June

    New Publications:

    This resource includes lots of ideas that support your class to build up expertise in creative writing specifically for Discovery. You’ll find carefully scaffolded workshops, samples of writing, diagrams, templates, games, individual lessons and suggestions for structuring your creative writing program.

    HSC online courses for students

    ETA has partnered with Edrolo, an extensive study and exam revision resource create online teaching and learning modules for the HSC Standard and Advanced courses. Developed and presented by expert teachers, these presentations and activities are designed to assist you in guiding your students through their coursework during the year and as they prepare for their final exams.

    Click here to learn more - edrolo.com.au/english

    Latest mETAphor

    Metaphor Issue 4:
    In this issue you will find articles on: HSC Advanced speeches; Asian Texts; Julius Caesar, Machiavelli and context; Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Gatsby; John Steinbeck; Hamlet classroom idea; related texts, apps for the classroom, the Premier's Award, the Kibble, Dobbie and Stella Award books  and reviews. 

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