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Friday 27th February 2015
This student day, delivered by HSC markers and/or experienced HSC teachers, gives students an overview of  the expectations for each section of Paper 1 of the HSC examination. It is tailored to student needs and for this reason is not part of a teacher's accreditation process.
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Sunday 15th March 2015
HSC Study Day: Ext: 2 Beverley Hills Girls High School

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When: Friday 20th February 2015
Where: The Women’s College, University of Sydney - All catering will be provided
Cost: Members: $160 (incl.GST) Non-members: $265 (incl. Standard Membership for 2015 and GST)

While the teaching of rhetoric as a language analysis tool (rhetorical devices, logical fallacies, and speeches) is becoming more common in secondary education, less attention is paid to rhetoric as a theory of communication or a way of knowing.  Drawing on recent research in the field of Rhetoric and Composition, this talk will focus on how the classical art of rhetoric is relevant in contemporary English studies and how its application can improve students’ writing and analysis abilities. It will outline the key tenets of classical rhetoric, including the five canons, the three branches, and the three appeals (also known as the rhetorical triangle), demonstrating how and why classical theories gave rise to the New Rhetoric, with its contemporary sub-branches of Digital and Visual Rhetoric. The presentation will conclude with practical applications of rhetoric to essay writing and textual analysis, including ideas and suggestions for incorporating rhetorical strategies into Stage 6 English classrooms and student assignments.

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