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Redesigning Texts

One way of exploring how meaning is made through texts is by identifying the assumptions that underlie them and replacing those with others. The text is then re-composed on the basis of these new ...

Valuing texts

In this program for a senior unit students explore canonicity and notions of value by redesigning texts .

Ghosts and Monsters

A Year 11 Preliminary Extension unit on James' Turn of the Screw and Heaney's Beowulf

Beowulf: the beginnings of English literature

A unit for Year 11 Preliminary Extension using Sheamus Heaney's verse translation of Beowulf .

Simply Not Shakespeare: contemporary film adaptations of the bard

This innovative unit of work based on the principles of the Quality Teaching model engages students in an evaluation of Shakespeare’s work in the modern era.

The Great Gatsby: A Graphic Adaptation By Nicki Greenberg

Characterisation and story represented visually. Characters rendered as imaginary creatures. Website links. The article provides ideas for exploration of the graphic text, original text and narration...

Transforming Texts

A feature of the postmodern age is the conscious revival of past stories, especially in films. Useful, entertaining exercises. Good for comparative study.

Developing Concepts of Narrative through Film

Through the use of film this unit explores the essential constructedness of narrative and the integral role of narrative in the way we understand our lives.

Preliminary Extension Module: Texts, Culture and Value, 'The Madwoman in the Attic' - How has she been Appropriated?

This brief unit outline considers the concept of appropriation in relation to the representation of the 'madwoman' in Jane Eyre . Numerous related texts and resources are suggested.

Experimental Writing

This unit explores the myriad characterstics of experimental creative writing and engages students through a number of written activites.

'Share' the Joy: a close reading of Amy Heckerling's Clueless ten years on

A close reading of the film Clueless in terms of its appropriation of Austen's Emma. Explores the form and structure of the film as well as the role that key characters play. Compares the characters ...

Smuggled Words: Language and Translation

An amusing article exploring some issues about translation and ways of thinking and some authentic student activities about using texts in translation to understand language.

Margaret Edson’s W;t reconsidered

A reading of the W;t/ Donne pairing of texts for Module A and responding to a previous article “Against Certitiude: considering Margaret Edson’s W;t in context” by Mark Howie in 2009, Issue 4.

Utopias and Dystopias

Dr Peter Marks takes us through some of the key issues and the history of writing about Utopia, from Plato’s The Republic to More’s Utopia , Huxley’s Brave New World , Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale an...

Frankenstein and Blade Runner: Creating a Master Race

Derek Peat considers how Nazism places a new slant on the Frankenstein / Blade Runner connection .
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