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Teaching Literary Elements

Reading processes, transfer of knowledge, character, setting and theme are outlined in this presentation used in a day long workshop with Associate Professor Jeffrey Willhelm.

Character analysis template

A template to assist students in developing a character analysis

Characterisation program Years 5-8

Norfolk Island Central School worked with their primary teachers to produce this program on characterisation.

Fictional character study program

This program on characterisation was produced co-operatively by Coffs Harbour High School with Kororo and Coffs Harbour public schools.

Assessment Task Year 8 Character Study

Year 8 assessment task on characterisation relating to characterisation program .

Teaching characterisation

Terms and ideas to consider when teaching and programming characterisation.

Writing for Extension 2: Free Falling into Fiction

Support for writing the creative major work , exercises, establishing character and writing description plus examples, what’s at stake, word choice, not being didactic, back-story.

Developing Concepts of Narrative through Film

Through the use of film this unit explores the essential constructedness of narrative and the integral role of narrative in the way we understand our lives.

Preliminary Extension Module: Texts, Culture and Value, 'The Madwoman in the Attic' - How has she been Appropriated?

This brief unit outline considers the concept of appropriation in relation to the representation of the 'madwoman' in Jane Eyre . Numerous related texts and resources are suggested.

Experimental Writing

This unit explores the myriad characterstics of experimental creative writing and engages students through a number of written activites.

Avoiding the Trenchpits of Frontline

A critical analysis of factors influencing the representation of truth in three Frontline episodes, and suggestions for student repsonses.

Australian Gothic

Explores the Gothic genre in Australia as being revolutionary and dangerous. Discusses The Tracker and The White Earth as well as the transformations of characters in Gothic literature and the explor...

P.D. James’s The Skull Beneath the Skin: A melodrama without a character?

An analysis of the heroine of the novel, Cordelia Gray.

Blondes Do Have More Fun

The blonde stereotype exploded in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Legally Blonde. The shift in gender values reflects changes in context. Student activities for both films.

A Sonata In The Jungle:John Misto’s The Shoe-Horn Sonata

Detailed analysis of The Shoe-horn Sonata . Looks at staging, dramatic structure, motif and characterisation.
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