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Year 7: Invisible Not! Advertising and Identity

This Year 7 Unit: Invisible, Not! demonstrates how financial literacy may be embedded in English programmes using the Consumer and Financial Literacy Professional Development Package. It is accompani...

Assessment task: The Fiftieth Gate

Students are to write a feature article on the ways history and memory are represented.

Year 10 Speeches

A unit containing activities using Barack Obama’s inauguration speech (20 January 2009)

Distinctive Voices:Speeches for English Standard

A teaching unit examining a range of speeches for Distinctive Voices in the Year 12 Stanard course.

Three New Speeches for Advanced Module B

An analysis of three great contemporary speeches - Dr Faith Bandler, Sir William Deane, Anwar Sadat

Writing for Extension 2: Free Falling into Fiction

Support for writing the creative major work , exercises, establishing character and writing description plus examples, what’s at stake, word choice, not being didactic, back-story.

Urban Legends....Believe it or not! A unit for Stage 5.

Includes some examples of urban legends suitable for teaching to Years 9/10 students . Discusses the text type and includes some questions for students.

Assessing Module B Advanced: King Lear; Harwood; Speeches

Assessing Advanced Module B through interviews and representation . Ideas for King Lear, Gwen Harwood and Speeches.

2011 Issue 2

This edition of mETAphor focuses on the teachiing of grammar in various contexts. It offers ways in which grammar and language more broadly my be integrated with the study of texts and other aspects ...

What Borges and Greene can tell us abolut stylistic use of grammar.

Worked examples of how to analyse a syntactically dense text and action prose and facilitate student imitation of style.

Language of Speeches: Kevin Rudd's Apology Speech

A teaching unit for Year 10 analysing speeches in preparation for student speech-writing and delivery.

Grammar sites online

This resource provides a list of sites dealing with language and grammar (written, spoken and visual) which have been reviewed.

The language of print advertising

This article provides and overview of the rhetoric and language features of print advertising and offers a range of student activities.

Wag the Dog and Module C

A practical overview of all areas of Module C: representation, context, setting, imagery, perspective, personalities, events, situations, related texts, techniques and notetaking for Wag the Dog .

Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar: Exploring conflicting perspectives

An overview of the play, Julius Caesar , and ways of approaching Module C. Perspectives of youth and middle age, women and political life, fate and destiny are traced in the play and related texts ar...
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