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Representing 'Carpe Diem' through Time. Year 10 unit worksheets

Representing 'Carpe Diem' through Time : These worksheets supplement the unit fully developed in mETAphor 1 2005 . The unit introduces Year 10 students to a range of poems, written across time and fr...

Belonging: Skrzynecki

The poem Feliks Skrzynecki sheds light on both Feliks' and the persona's sense of identity, attachment and bel...

Belonging - Emily Dickinson

Belonging: an interactive website HSC English (Standard and Advanced) Area of Study: Belonging Prescribed Text: Emily Dickinson Areas of study are, by definition, broad. The concept of belonging itse...

A.B. Paterson

Distinctive Voices: Powerpoint HSC English (Standard) Modules: Experience through Language Prescribed Text: A.B. Paterson In this learning activity students explore the ways narrative voice in the ba...

Ghosts and Monsters

A Year 11 Preliminary Extension unit on James' Turn of the Screw and Heaney's Beowulf

A study of Emily Dickinson

Teaching Emily Dickinson in the context of the idea of belonging.

Bruce Dawe: A study of a Poet

A Year 11 Preliminary unit on the poetry of Bruce Dawe.

Reflections by Bruce Dawe

Reflections by the poet.

Beowulf: the beginnings of English literature

A unit for Year 11 Preliminary Extension using Sheamus Heaney's verse translation of Beowulf .

Against Certitude: considering Margaret Edson’s W;t in context

Discussion of key ideas and values in the play relating to contextual influences and with links to Donne's poetry.

Australian Visions and Douglas Stewart

Carefully scaffolded exercises and close language work in this unit shows students how Australian visions emerge through language.

The Fate of Love from Wimpole St to West Egg

A comparison of The Great Gatsby and Sonnets from the Portuguese by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

An Interview with Peter Skrzynecki

An interview with Peter Skrzynecki.

Australian Poetry and the Classroom

An overview of the Red Room program to engage students in writing and enjoying poetry.

Bright Star: film and poetry

How Jane Campion's film may be used in the classroom
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