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These year 12 English resources provide examples of teaching and learning strategies that use ICT. More particularly, they require students to use ICT in the production of texts. Resource Quick Links...

Redesigning Texts

One way of exploring how meaning is made through texts is by identifying the assumptions that underlie them and replacing those with others. The text is then re-composed on the basis of these new ...

Content of English: a diagram

Content of English . This diagram is one way of representing the learning in secondary English. It is not exhaustive or definitive but may be helpful in developing aspects of your school program.


An introductory presentation which can be used in conjunction with the ETA Package on Romanticism.

On Stage 6: Advanced/Module B:Critical Study of Texts

The issue of multiple readings.

Few areas of the curriculum have been as fraught with controversy over the last few years as Advanced Module B. The vexed question relates largely to the iss...

JM Barrie, Peter Pan and Finding Neverland

This unit outline deals with the significance of JM Barrie and his work to fantasy and engages students in a study of different contexts.

“The play’s the thing …”: approaches to Hamlet

An analysis of the issues around teaching critical readings of Hamlet and suggestions as how to these may be approached in teaching Module B, Advanced.

The Personal Response: preparing students in the preliminary course for the challenge

Teaching Shakespeare in the Preliminary HSC course. NB. Incorrect information about changes to NSW curriculum at the beginning of the article.

Against Certitude: considering Margaret Edson’s W;t in context

Discussion of key ideas and values in the play relating to contextual influences and with links to Donne's poetry.

Australian Visions and Douglas Stewart

Carefully scaffolded exercises and close language work in this unit shows students how Australian visions emerge through language.

Australian Poetry and the Classroom

An overview of the Red Room program to engage students in writing and enjoying poetry.

My world through Prufrockian-coloured lenses

A unit dealing with the study of Eliot's poem within a modernist context.

Macbeth’s Phantasmagoria of Blood: A unit for preliminary extension English

A unit outline for a critical study of Macbeth . The unit includes a study of the historical source and intertextuality, critical perspectives, a close study of the soliloquies and an overview of var...

International Perspectives: A comparative study of No More Borders for Josef and A Little Piece of Ground

This Stage 4/5 unit of work is designed to broaden cultural understanding by engaging students in a comparative study of two relevant novels.

On Our Behalf: Representations of Women in English Text Lists

Discussion of buried assumptions of gender roles within current English texts list, particularly virgin/whore dichotomy
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