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King Richard 111 and Looking for Richard

Engaging ‘ connections ’ between the two texts

Fay and Jane: good farmers’ wives?

Connections between Pride and Prejudice and Fay Weldon’s Letters to Alice give students a new appreciation for the original text and a greater understanding of the role of literature.

Displaced persons: A thematic unit for Stage 4

This unit considers displaced people , particularly teenagers and the immigration issues that are debated in Australia and across the world.

The Evolutionary Relationship between Man and Technology

Relationship between Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and Ridley Scott's Blade Runner

Ghosts and Monsters

A Year 11 Preliminary Extension unit on James' Turn of the Screw and Heaney's Beowulf

On First Reading Fay Weldon's letters to Alice

This article considers some of the implications of comparing Pride and Prejudice with Weldon's Letters to Alice on Reading Jane Austen

The Fate of Love from Wimpole St to West Egg

A comparison of The Great Gatsby and Sonnets from the Portuguese by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Choosing an additional text for Area of Study: Chocolat

A scaffold for analysing a related text for the Area of Study using the film, Chocolat as a model.

International Perspectives: A comparative study of No More Borders for Josef and A Little Piece of Ground

This Stage 4/5 unit of work is designed to broaden cultural understanding by engaging students in a comparative study of two relevant novels.

Teaching of the Area of Study integrated response

Essential notions for the study of the concept of Belonging for the HSC. Clear and direct advice and examples on structure, content and focus of study.

As Time Goes By 2: Module C of English Advanced and the Area of Study

A thoughtful deconstruction of Module C and the Area of Study in the Stage 6 Syllabus, exploring meanings of key terms and implications for class room teaching.

Module A: Comparative Study Of Text And Context Hamlet and Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead

Contextual comparison of Shakespeare's Hamlet with Stoppard's contemporary Rosencratz and Guilderstein are Dead in terms of authorial intent and audience reception; as part of HSC Module A

“The Outsider” - Dogboy and Surrender

Reviews of Kelleher's "Dogboy" and Hartnet's "Surrender" with suggestions on how novels could be incorporated into unit of work around "The Outsider" .

Transforming Texts

A feature of the postmodern age is the conscious revival of past stories, especially in films. Useful, entertaining exercises. Good for comparative study.

Films Dealing with the Concept of Belonging

This article offers an overview of eleven films suitable for students to study for the concept of Belonging.
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