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Representing the Real

Different ways of representing actual events, how narrative is used in these representations and how medium shapes the ways we respond to them.

Workshop notes

News s...

Year 7: Invisible Not! Advertising and Identity

This Year 7 Unit: Invisible, Not! demonstrates how financial literacy may be embedded in English programmes using the Consumer and Financial Literacy Professional Development Package. It is accompani...

Research unit for Year 9: Watchdog

This Year 9 Research unit: Watchdog is an example of how financial literacy may be embedded in English programmes using the Consumer and Financial Literacy Professional Development Package . It is al...

September 11 Website

Introductory overview of a unit on the Smithsonian September 11 website .

Fay and Jane: good farmers’ wives?

Connections between Pride and Prejudice and Fay Weldon’s Letters to Alice give students a new appreciation for the original text and a greater understanding of the role of literature.

On First Reading Fay Weldon's letters to Alice

This article considers some of the implications of comparing Pride and Prejudice with Weldon's Letters to Alice on Reading Jane Austen

Three New Speeches for Advanced Module B

An analysis of three great contemporary speeches - Dr Faith Bandler, Sir William Deane, Anwar Sadat

We could be heroes: an approach to the Fundamentals of English course

This article outlines the metacognitive processes of a teacher planning and implementing a flexible course for students.

Raymond Gaita on Romulus My Father

This interview explores belonging in terms of Gaita's memoir and more general cultural aspects.

Please Explain: Using Dr Karl’s non-fiction texts in the classroom to engage, enrich and extend

Stage 4 Unit and integrated assessment task using non-fiction texts, comprised of short articles with graphics. For critical literacy, boys education, language

Module B - Critical Study of Texts: Speeches. A Framework for Responses and Introductory Activities

A consideration and analysis of the issues surrounding students' responses to Module B , as well as some critical readings and student activities. See end of article at end of this.

In Search of Ted's Truth

An exploration of the marriage between Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath, including its influence on the poetry of both authors. Focuses on Ariel and Birthday Letters in keeping with the requirements for H...

A community of moral beings

This essay looks how responsibility and ethics in Raymond Gaita's 'Romulus My Father' relate to the concept of belonging.

Some reflections on teaching Life Writing

This article reviews some of the issues in teaching life writing, including conventions of the genre, linearity and claims of truth.

The Bush Mechanics

Analysis and teaching ideas for the TV series, The Bush Mechanics.
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