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An Introduction to Shakespearean drama

Shakespearean Drama : a unit for years 9/10 students introducing Shakespeare and general dramatic techniques and processes. Developed by Bankstown Girls' High School NSW

Frontloading Macbeth

Teaching Shakespeare to a Year 10 level 3 class , twenty of twenty-two were boys, the majority non-readers and not very interested in improving their literacy skills. The challenge: to 'inspire' the ...

The Travesty and Triumph of Love: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A unit for Stage 4 designed to engage students in the study of Shakespearean language, the context of the play and the wider concerns the play raises.

King Richard 111 and Looking for Richard

Engaging ‘ connections ’ between the two texts

“The play’s the thing …”: approaches to Hamlet

An analysis of the issues around teaching critical readings of Hamlet and suggestions as how to these may be approached in teaching Module B, Advanced.

The Personal Response: preparing students in the preliminary course for the challenge

Teaching Shakespeare in the Preliminary HSC course. NB. Incorrect information about changes to NSW curriculum at the beginning of the article.

Man with Five Children

This Year 12 unit explores how we live in and experience a global world.

Nothing to be Said: theatrical devices in Waiting for Godot

An analysis of Beckett's play.

Meaning in Motion: Teaching Hamlet

This article argues that there is a gap in close reading and critical reading in teaching Hamlet in the Module B Advanced course and aims to resolve those differences.

Against Certitude: considering Margaret Edson’s W;t in context

Discussion of key ideas and values in the play relating to contextual influences and with links to Donne's poetry.

The Shakespeare Reloaded Bard's Blitz: a literary analysis and essay building module

This 4 stage active learning task promotes close engagement with Shakespeare's texts through close reading and an essay competition as outcome

Teaching Shakespeare's plays; not for all time but of an age

An overview of innovative projects and current scholarship on teaching Shakespeare with web links to programs.

Richard 111- Kings' games: murder, marry or make friends

A one-lesson game to introduce the play and how it might be built upon to encourage in depth discussion.

The Shoehorn Sonata: Module A Elective 2

This unit focuses on the visual aspects of the play as part of the Standard elective Distinctly Visua l .

Macbeth’s Phantasmagoria of Blood: A unit for preliminary extension English

A unit outline for a critical study of Macbeth . The unit includes a study of the historical source and intertextuality, critical perspectives, a close study of the soliloquies and an overview of var...
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