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Henry Lawson

Through a podcast, students pitch one of Lawson's stories to be produced as a film.

Year 10 Speeches

A unit containing activities using Barack Obama’s inauguration speech (20 January 2009)

Distinctive Voices:Speeches for English Standard

A teaching unit examining a range of speeches for Distinctive Voices in the Year 12 Stanard course.

Three New Speeches for Advanced Module B

An analysis of three great contemporary speeches - Dr Faith Bandler, Sir William Deane, Anwar Sadat

Richard 111- Kings' games: murder, marry or make friends

A one-lesson game to introduce the play and how it might be built upon to encourage in depth discussion.

The Three Rs remixed - reading writing...and rapping?

An encouragement for using hip hop to find connections between this contemporary popular form and literature

Module B - Critical Study of Texts: Speeches. A Framework for Responses and Introductory Activities

A consideration and analysis of the issues surrounding students' responses to Module B , as well as some critical readings and student activities. See end of article at end of this.

Urban Legends....Believe it or not! A unit for Stage 5.

Includes some examples of urban legends suitable for teaching to Years 9/10 students . Discusses the text type and includes some questions for students.

Assessing Module B Advanced: King Lear; Harwood; Speeches

Assessing Advanced Module B through interviews and representation . Ideas for King Lear, Gwen Harwood and Speeches.

Language of Speeches: Kevin Rudd's Apology Speech

A teaching unit for Year 10 analysing speeches in preparation for student speech-writing and delivery.

Grammar sites online

This resource provides a list of sites dealing with language and grammar (written, spoken and visual) which have been reviewed.

The Language of Connection

Global education is not just about borders and boundaries but about how we overcome these to connect with others. Communication through listening, questioning and expressing opinions are therefore es...

Teaching Shakespeare in Stage 5

David Strange shows how a study of Macbeth can be enhanced by applying the different modes.

New Advanced Module B Speeches

Amy Hughes gives suggestions for studying speeches on Module B: Paul Keating’s ‘Redfern Speech’, Doris Lessing’s ‘On not winning the Nobel Prize’ and Geraldine Brooks ‘A Home in Fiction’.