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Mutlimedia unit for year 8

The Study of Multimedia: a unit for a year 8 class to promote skills in critically reading multimedia texts and knowledge of how these texts are constructed produced at Knox Grammar School.

September 11 Website

Introductory overview of a unit on the Smithsonian September 11 website .

Utopias & Dystopias

A digital activity for senior students.

Henry Lawson

Through a podcast, students pitch one of Lawson's stories to be produced as a film.

Exploring Multimedia Literacy through Youth Culture

The Albino web quest resource supports teachers delivering the Years 9 and 10 English syllabus outcomes as well as addressing an important health issue for young people.

Teaching the Smithsonian Website, September 11, History and Memory

Some probing thoughts on the site to stimulate student discussion around history and memory.

Repositioning Comics

This article argues for a reconsideration of the importance of comics in the curriculum in terms of visual/verbal relationships, sequential narratives and literary artefacts.

Fear of the stranger: Year 11 unit using The Island

This unit explores the fear that underpins societies using the picture book The Island by Armin Gredder.

The Magic Pudding's 90th birthday

An affectionate tribute to this children's classic.

Shaun Tan: “expanding our consciousness of the meaning of words”

A report on Shaun Tan’s discussion of his work at the National Conference. Also includes a range of questions and activities for studying ‘The Lost Thing’ and ‘The Red Tree’.

The Great Gatsby: A Graphic Adaptation By Nicki Greenberg

Characterisation and story represented visually. Characters rendered as imaginary creatures. Website links. The article provides ideas for exploration of the graphic text, original text and narration...

“This ain’t no cartoon, Ya know!” Introducing Film Noir: Who Framed Roger Rabbit ?

Critique of film noir themes and elements in the mixed cartoon and live action film 'Who saved Roger Rabbit'

Films Dealing with the Concept of Belonging

This article offers an overview of eleven films suitable for students to study for the concept of Belonging.

Teaching Picture Books to Junior Classes: A Short Unit on Gary Crew

This unit provides a close focus on a selection of Gary Crew's picture books in order to explore the powerful complexity of visual texts.

Avoiding the Trenchpits of Frontline

A critical analysis of factors influencing the representation of truth in three Frontline episodes, and suggestions for student repsonses.
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