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Preliminary Extension Module: Texts, Culture and Value, 'The Madwoman in the Attic' - How has she been Appropriated?

This brief unit outline considers the concept of appropriation in relation to the representation of the 'madwoman' in Jane Eyre . Numerous related texts and resources are suggested.

Taking on the International Baccalaureate

IB structure is explained with one school’s interpretation of this into a meaningful English program, using Anita Desai’s book Clear Light of Day for detailed study. The worksheet includes novel stud...

From Poetry to Prose

Kath Lathouras follows up on her work on lunes from issue 1, 2012, and shows how to encourage students to be more creative with word choice to crate setting and character.

Write Now: writers write on inspiration

Isobelle Carmody, Mal Peet and Garth Nix write about writing and offer some story starters.

Fay and Jane: good farmers’ wives?

Connections between Pride and Prejudice and Fay Weldon’s Letters to Alice give students a new appreciation for the original text and a greater understanding of the role of literature.

Writing for Extension 2: Free Falling into Fiction

Support for writing the creative major work , exercises, establishing character and writing description plus examples, what’s at stake, word choice, not being didactic, back-story.

The Shakespeare Reloaded Bard's Blitz: a literary analysis and essay building module

This 4 stage active learning task promotes close engagement with Shakespeare's texts through close reading and an essay competition as outcome

Fighting the phobia and teaching creative writing

This article explores some trends in teaching creative writing and considers approaches for teaching senior students.

Cure your grammar problems

This 'problem page' answers questions about grammar and usage and suggests a similar activity for students .

By the River: Innovative techniques and the verse novel form

Kate O’Connor’s reading of Herrick’s verse novel as experimental fiction offers an excellent example of locating complexity in a simple text.

Felicity Plunkett: in conversation with John Turner

An exploration of aspects of the poet's work and life.

Metropolis and Nineteen Eighty Four: Writing a formal extended response

Stewart Mc Gowan shows how to guide students to write effectively for Module A using Metropolis and 1984.

Note making Note taking

Christopher Lindsay devises interesting lessons to develop critical skills in students, using Nim’s Island

Reflections by Bruce Dawe

Reflections by the poet.

Experimental Writing

This unit explores the myriad characterstics of experimental creative writing and engages students through a number of written activites.
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