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Writeboard: How to use it.

A free online tool for collaborative writing, writeboard allows your students to write and share web-based documents, edit them online, roll back to any version and compare changes.

Feedback, Assessment and Student Writing

This presentation outlines a project undertaken to evaluate the impact of a variety of assessment and feedback strategies on the development of student writing. The sample assessment task, marking cr...

The Health and Well Being Centre for Words

Help Year 7 students improve their proofreading and editing skills.

Fay and Jane: good farmers’ wives?

Connections between Pride and Prejudice and Fay Weldon’s Letters to Alice give students a new appreciation for the original text and a greater understanding of the role of literature.

Reflections by Bruce Dawe

Reflections by the poet.

Just Imagine: a successful creative writing experience

An approach to interest students in creative writing by encouraging close and wide engagement with art.

The Shakespeare Reloaded Bard's Blitz: a literary analysis and essay building module

This 4 stage active learning task promotes close engagement with Shakespeare's texts through close reading and an essay competition as outcome

An Interview with Peter Skrzynecki

An interview with Peter Skrzynecki.

Inspiring students to write: the anatomy of a creative writing workshop

This article outlines games, exercises and processes that stimulate students to write.

Write Now: writers write on inspiration

Isobelle Carmody, Mal Peet and Garth Nix write about writing and offer some story starters.

Felicity Plunkett: in conversation with John Turner

An exploration of aspects of the poet's work and life.

Using ICT to Teach Creative Writing: The theory and some practical teaching strategies

A thoughtful article providing practical ideas for integrating ICT into the English curriculum.

Writing for Extension 2: Free Falling into Fiction

Support for writing the creative major work , exercises, establishing character and writing description plus examples, what’s at stake, word choice, not being didactic, back-story.

Reflection Statement for Extension 2

Extremely useful student samples of Reflection Statements for EXT 2 and teacher comments. Marking criteria and reminder that Major Work and Reflection Statement are marked as a totality.

Preliminary Extension Module: Texts, Culture and Value, 'The Madwoman in the Attic' - How has she been Appropriated?

This brief unit outline considers the concept of appropriation in relation to the representation of the 'madwoman' in Jane Eyre . Numerous related texts and resources are suggested.
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