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Redesigning Texts

One way of exploring how meaning is made through texts is by identifying the assumptions that underlie them and replacing those with others. The text is then re-composed on the basis of these new ...

Visual Literacy

These notes cover the content relating to visual literacy in an hands-on workshop where participants manipulated images through Adobe Photoshop Elements. The practical components of the workshop are ...


Webquests constructed by Julie Bain O'Connor Catholic College, Armidale. Based on Shaun Tan's picture book The Viewer, this explores both the elements of visual literacy and postmodern representation...

September 11 Website

Introductory overview of a unit on the Smithsonian September 11 website .

Henry Lawson

Through a podcast, students pitch one of Lawson's stories to be produced as a film.

Exploring Multimedia Literacy through Youth Culture

The Albino web quest resource supports teachers delivering the Years 9 and 10 English syllabus outcomes as well as addressing an important health issue for young people.

Just Imagine: a successful creative writing experience

An approach to interest students in creative writing by encouraging close and wide engagement with art.

Repositioning Comics

This article argues for a reconsideration of the importance of comics in the curriculum in terms of visual/verbal relationships, sequential narratives and literary artefacts.

Great Graphics:Beowulf as visual literacy

This unit explores Gareth Hind's graphic novel and compares it with other versions of Beowulf .

Fear of the stranger: Year 11 unit using The Island

This unit explores the fear that underpins societies using the picture book The Island by Armin Gredder.

We could be heroes: an approach to the Fundamentals of English course

This article outlines the metacognitive processes of a teacher planning and implementing a flexible course for students.

The Quest: creating a visual narrative

This unit engages multiliteracies to explore the conventions of the quest genre .

Shaun Tan: “expanding our consciousness of the meaning of words”

A report on Shaun Tan’s discussion of his work at the National Conference. Also includes a range of questions and activities for studying ‘The Lost Thing’ and ‘The Red Tree’.

New Media and New Ways of Teaching Year 10 Boys Poetry in the Classroom

This unit uses the concept of montage to create activities that engage students with poetry and poetic composition via the visual nature of war.

Teaching Picture Books to Junior Classes: A Short Unit on Gary Crew

This unit provides a close focus on a selection of Gary Crew's picture books in order to explore the powerful complexity of visual texts.
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