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Preliminary Extension Module: Texts, Culture and Value, 'The Madwoman in the Attic' - How has she been Appropriated?

This brief unit outline considers the concept of appropriation in relation to the representation of the 'madwoman' in Jane Eyre . Numerous related texts and resources are suggested.

Housemates Unite! Power Struggles in the ‘Big Brother’ House

Explores reality TV shows in a comparison of Big Brother with Nineteen Eighty Four and Foucault’s ideas on discipline and punishment, to show how the housemates are manipulated by ‘technologies of po...

Valuing texts

In this program for a senior unit students explore canonicity and notions of value by redesigning texts .

Websites on reading pedagogies and strategies

Stefanie Lia reviews some of the websites available on reading: on how to create a culture of reading, reading for meaning, strategies to improve reading, reading about reading.

The Art of Travel: Representations of landscape

David Strange offers ways into Module C: Representation of People and Landscapes using the text The Art of Travel.

Representing 'Carpe Diem' through Time. Year 10 unit worksheets

Representing 'Carpe Diem' through Time : These worksheets supplement the unit fully developed in mETAphor 1 2005 . The unit introduces Year 10 students to a range of poems, written across time and fr...

Attacking Hamlet from Left Field: How to create an original response

David Strange offers a new approach to Hamlet.

From ‘Divergent’ to Literary Canon: Strengthening Literacy skills by encouraging reading in the Lit Gym

Lorraine Dobbie shares an approach to reading that aims to improve students’ literacy.

Margaret Edson’s W;t reconsidered

A reading of the W;t/ Donne pairing of texts for Module A and responding to a previous article “Against Certitiude: considering Margaret Edson’s W;t in context” by Mark Howie in 2009, Issue 4.

The Personal Response: preparing students in the preliminary course for the challenge

Teaching Shakespeare in the Preliminary HSC course. NB. Incorrect information about changes to NSW curriculum at the beginning of the article.

Redesigning Texts

One way of exploring how meaning is made through texts is by identifying the assumptions that underlie them and replacing those with others. The text is then re-composed on the basis of these new ...

Analysing the Symbolism of ‘Jindabyne”

Presents an analysis of Jindabyne in terms of how the director’s semiotics and mis-en-scene reflect ideas about racial divisions in Australia and the relationships between men and women.

The way we read now (and the way we read then)

Derek Peat shares the impact on him of changes to reading with libraries moving into the digital age, eBook and Kindles taking the place of the book.

Developing Concepts of Narrative through Film

Through the use of film this unit explores the essential constructedness of narrative and the integral role of narrative in the way we understand our lives.

Note making Note taking

Christopher Lindsay devises interesting lessons to develop critical skills in students, using Nim’s Island
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