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Representing the Real

Different ways of representing actual events, how narrative is used in these representations and how medium shapes the ways we respond to them.

Workshop notes

News s...

Redesigning Texts

One way of exploring how meaning is made through texts is by identifying the assumptions that underlie them and replacing those with others. The text is then re-composed on the basis of these new ...

Research unit for Year 9: Watchdog

This Year 9 Research unit: Watchdog is an example of how financial literacy may be embedded in English programmes using the Consumer and Financial Literacy Professional Development Package . It is al...

Representing 'Carpe Diem' through Time. Year 10 unit worksheets

Representing 'Carpe Diem' through Time : These worksheets supplement the unit fully developed in mETAphor 1 2005 . The unit introduces Year 10 students to a range of poems, written across time and fr...

Valuing texts

In this program for a senior unit students explore canonicity and notions of value by redesigning texts .

The Values in Narrative: Program for senior students.

The Values of Narrative is a program for senior students examining aspects of narrative and how these are translated into popular culture. Aspects of this program are expanded in Wuthering Heights: C...

On Stage 6: Advanced/Module B:Critical Study of Texts

The issue of multiple readings.

Few areas of the curriculum have been as fraught with controversy over the last few years as Advanced Module B. The vexed question relates largely to the iss...

“The play’s the thing …”: approaches to Hamlet

An analysis of the issues around teaching critical readings of Hamlet and suggestions as how to these may be approached in teaching Module B, Advanced.

The Personal Response: preparing students in the preliminary course for the challenge

Teaching Shakespeare in the Preliminary HSC course. NB. Incorrect information about changes to NSW curriculum at the beginning of the article.

Meaning in Motion: Teaching Hamlet

This article argues that there is a gap in close reading and critical reading in teaching Hamlet in the Module B Advanced course and aims to resolve those differences.

International Perspectives: A comparative study of No More Borders for Josef and A Little Piece of Ground

This Stage 4/5 unit of work is designed to broaden cultural understanding by engaging students in a comparative study of two relevant novels.

Please Explain: Using Dr Karl’s non-fiction texts in the classroom to engage, enrich and extend

Stage 4 Unit and integrated assessment task using non-fiction texts, comprised of short articles with graphics. For critical literacy, boys education, language

Song Lyrics? Poetry in Disguise! A unit for Year 9

Explore critical literacy using song lyrics . Evaluate poetic techniques, musicianship and film techniques, also explore register and engage in group work and oral presentations. Yr9 Unit and assessm...

Ugly Machismo Of Australian Youth: An exploration of the underlying themes in Nick Enright’s play 'Blackrock'

Examination of male attitudes towards women in Blackrock with intertextual reference to Puberty Blues and newspaper articles

Module B - Critical Study of Texts: Speeches. A Framework for Responses and Introductory Activities

A consideration and analysis of the issues surrounding students' responses to Module B , as well as some critical readings and student activities. See end of article at end of this.
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