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Content of English: a diagram

Content of English . This diagram is one way of representing the learning in secondary English. It is not exhaustive or definitive but may be helpful in developing aspects of your school program.

The Health and Well Being Centre for Words

Help Year 7 students improve their proofreading and editing skills.

Much ado about grammar

An amusing discussion about the role of grammar in the curriculum and how is should be taught. This is an extract from a forum at the Sydney Writers' Festival 2009.

Teaching Fantasy for Stage 4: Using the Dragonkeeper series and Rowan of the Bukshah

Varied, fun and engaging activities to develop reading, writing, speaking and close study of text. Stage 4. Contains conventions of the genre and ideas for visuals. Language forms and features.

Grammar at the Chalkface: An introduction to the grammar of appraisal and its application in a Year 9 classroom

Analysing meaning, cultural context and textual features are presented using the APPRAISAL system. Two practical applications are shown one for discussing and writing feature articles, another for re...

Writing for Extension 2: Free Falling into Fiction

Support for writing the creative major work , exercises, establishing character and writing description plus examples, what’s at stake, word choice, not being didactic, back-story.

Experimental Writing

This unit explores the myriad characterstics of experimental creative writing and engages students through a number of written activites.

Learning from the mistakes of the grammar wars.

A s peech delivered by Dr Neil James from the Plain English foundation to the English Speaking Union Annual Conference outlining the role of grammar in a curriculum.

What? More Literacy Examinations?

This describes a literacy project successfully used to improve literacy for students at Stage 4.

The Blue Faraway

A unit of work for Years 7 and 8 based on The Blue Faraway and Picnic at Hanging Rock (novel and film).

Whale Rider: A film and gender unit for Years 9 and 10

A unit of work for Years 9 and 10 , looking at gender and cultural issues in Whale Rider , focussing on the four transformative elements of programming: subjective, structural, cultural and critical....

2011 Issue 2

This edition of mETAphor focuses on the teachiing of grammar in various contexts. It offers ways in which grammar and language more broadly my be integrated with the study of texts and other aspects ...

Making Meaning with Grammar: A repertoire of possibilities

This article reports on research for teaching grammar in context and offers examples of grammar as a tool for writing narrative, argument and poetry.

Taboo, verbal hygiene - and gardens

This article discusses language 'purism', what it might mean in contemporary society and provides some discussion of examples of purist anger.

What Borges and Greene can tell us abolut stylistic use of grammar.

Worked examples of how to analyse a syntactically dense text and action prose and facilitate student imitation of style.
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