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Assessment task: The Fiftieth Gate

Students are to write a feature article on the ways history and memory are represented.

Developing a Textual Interest Project (TIP)

An independent research project for a mixed ability Year 10 cohort around adolescent literature and the notion of Representation.

Teaching the Smithsonian Website, September 11, History and Memory

Some probing thoughts on the site to stimulate student discussion around history and memory.

Boys' literacy: using theory to inform practice

This unit for Year 11 on Representations of the Body is contextualised by an introduction which outlines issues around literacy, the nature of the debates around boys' literacy.

Shaun Tan: “expanding our consciousness of the meaning of words”

A report on Shaun Tan’s discussion of his work at the National Conference. Also includes a range of questions and activities for studying ‘The Lost Thing’ and ‘The Red Tree’.

The Great Gatsby: A Graphic Adaptation By Nicki Greenberg

Characterisation and story represented visually. Characters rendered as imaginary creatures. Website links. The article provides ideas for exploration of the graphic text, original text and narration...

“This ain’t no cartoon, Ya know!” Introducing Film Noir: Who Framed Roger Rabbit ?

Critique of film noir themes and elements in the mixed cartoon and live action film 'Who saved Roger Rabbit'

On Our Behalf: Representations of Women in English Text Lists

Discussion of buried assumptions of gender roles within current English texts list, particularly virgin/whore dichotomy

Ugly Machismo Of Australian Youth: An exploration of the underlying themes in Nick Enright’s play 'Blackrock'

Examination of male attitudes towards women in Blackrock with intertextual reference to Puberty Blues and newspaper articles

Travels in self-consciousness: an exploration of metafiction in Calvino’s 'If on a winter's night a traveller'

Discussion of the novel in which the author who refuses to die battles against Barthe’s ‘death of the author’. Theorising in narrative disguise. Chapter summary of interesting points that are made th...

Avoiding the Trenchpits of Frontline

A critical analysis of factors influencing the representation of truth in three Frontline episodes, and suggestions for student repsonses.


A series of activities for Year 7 based on the animated film UP exploring genre, intertextuality and representation.

'Share' the Joy: a close reading of Amy Heckerling's Clueless ten years on

A close reading of the film Clueless in terms of its appropriation of Austen's Emma. Explores the form and structure of the film as well as the role that key characters play. Compares the characters ...

The Reality of Ostry'an Children: Nick Enright's A Man With Five Children

An overview of Nick Enright's play , with reference to other related texts. Includes reflections on reality TV and a summary of the main themes and issues in the play.

In Search of Ted's Truth

An exploration of the marriage between Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath, including its influence on the poetry of both authors. Focuses on Ariel and Birthday Letters in keeping with the requirements for H...
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