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We could be heroes: an approach to the Fundamentals of English course

This article outlines the metacognitive processes of a teacher planning and implementing a flexible course for students.

The Shoehorn Sonata: Module A Elective 2

This unit focuses on the visual aspects of the play as part of the Standard elective Distinctly Visua l .

The power of imagery: a conceptual Stage 5 unit of work

This 6 week unit employs the quality Teaching model and focuses on how and why writers use imagery

Developing Concepts of Narrative through Film

Through the use of film this unit explores the essential constructedness of narrative and the integral role of narrative in the way we understand our lives.

Preliminary Extension Module: Texts, Culture and Value, 'The Madwoman in the Attic' - How has she been Appropriated?

This brief unit outline considers the concept of appropriation in relation to the representation of the 'madwoman' in Jane Eyre . Numerous related texts and resources are suggested.

Cultural Approaches To The Rhetorical Analysis Of Selected Music Videos

Music videos as short visual texts . Analysis of Madonna (‘Material Girl’) and The Eurythmics (‘Sweet Dreams’) for blonde/female stereotyping and gender assumptions.

Analysing the Symbolism of ‘Jindabyne”

Presents an analysis of Jindabyne in terms of how the director’s semiotics and mis-en-scene reflect ideas about racial divisions in Australia and the relationships between men and women.

Wag the Dog and Module C

A practical overview of all areas of Module C: representation, context, setting, imagery, perspective, personalities, events, situations, related texts, techniques and notetaking for Wag the Dog .

Reading the visual: using Kress and Van Leeuwen for a framework

Christine Gietz applies Kress and Leeuwen’s ideas to teach the visual literacy of advertising, using terms such as: vectors, compositional axis, intimate distance, colour, light, camera angles, frami...

The Dynamic nature of Module C

Bronwyn Taylor explores different ways of responding to the Smithsonian website in line with Module C aims.

Ten Years After: the revised September 11 website

Derek Peat looks at the impact of the recently revamped Smithsonian website on Module C with some close reading of some of the website pages

Challenging your students through film: a unit for stage 5

Dianne Bond uses TropFest, Hollywood and Bollywood films to teach Stage 5 students film appreciation.

Discovery in Advertising

Mel Dixon offers a lesson to use for the Area of Study Discovery.