Sites for student use

The diversity of information in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Sun-Herald are helpful in meeting the needs and interests of students.

The visual thesaurus: An engaging experience in language creating poetry through user action, dynamic typography, and design.

Take our Word for It: A weekly word origin webzine;

Getting an A on an English Paper.
This site explains to senior students what is valued in an English essay with advice on how to achieve highly.

A part of the Merriam Webster group, this interactive site invites students to explore words and their origins, make up their own dictionary entries, write poems and various other activities. Suitable years 7-8

This site is an excellent resource for the development of writing skills. It is appropriate for senior students and can be used independently by them or as the basis for teaching senior writing skills and processes.

This site gives you information about how to write an essay and report.

Here is a vocabulary list of words suitable for academic writing.

Some helpful advice on oral presentations,

The Virtual Presentation Assistant is an online tutorial for improving your public speaking skills. This site is designed to help you target your specific needs as a speaker.

The Internet Public Library assists senior students in conducting research on the Internet for projects.

The Dialectizer takes text or other web pages and instantly creates parodies of them! Try it out by selecting a dialect, then entering a URL or English text.