Professional Development and Curriculum Sites

Asia Education Foundation
Select lists of Asia-related texts for the teaching and learning of English in the Australian Curriculum

English for the Australian Curriculum
Four units of work have been written for secondary teachers to implement the Australian Curriculum. The Australian Curriculum has been incorporated into the NSW English K-10 syllabus to be implemented in 2014 for years 7 and 9.

NSW HSC Online;

Education Services Australia

Flavorwire is a pop culture website that covers film, TV, art, books, and music from around the world.

Semiotics for Beginners by Daniel Chandler:

Adbusters: A great source for resistant readings of media issues and consumerism.

Educational videos, many of which represent collaborations between talented educators and animators nominated through the TED-Ed platform.

TED Ideas worth spreading
Huge repository of videos of TED talks on a wide range of subjects

The Media and Communications Study site: Useful help with all media analysis

Voice of the Shuttle: A website for humanities resources.

A journal of film and popular culture:

The WebQuest page

The Republic of Pemberley: A site devoted to all aspects of Jane Austen.

Kairos is a refereed online journal exploring the connections between use of language, technology, and pedagogy.

Hypertext resources of all kinds including theory, criticism and examples of interactive writing.

The National Council of Teachers of English is the professional association of English teachers in the United States.

The National Association of Teachers of English is the professional association of English teachers in the United Kingdom

The Australian Teachers of Media produces study guides and educational kits for feature films, documentaries and television programs at:

Reading Enriches Learning
This website has student activities organised into small-group, whole-class and individual based on texts suitable for middle year students.

Conceptual Metaphor Home Page
This server is a research tool for those interested in the study of conceptual metaphor systems. This site allows the reader to trace links between metaphors and gain a better idea of the ways metaphor underlies so much of our ways of thinking about aspects of our lives and our world.

Concept Mapping
This is an old site but has detailed information about various kinds of concept mapping.

English Online
A rich and wide ranging resource for English teachers containing units of work, professional development and student sections to support wide reading.

Literary Theory
A useful introduction to contemporary literary theory

This website contains many free services for teachers including

  • Weekly email of educational TV highlights
  • Over 500 study guides and feature articles
  • Educational online TV guide
  • RSS feeds
  • Podcasts
  • A searchable archive of over 40,000 film & TV titles

Copyright and Intellectual property have emerged as major issues effecting the use of the web and distributed resources. The MCEETYA ICT Schools Taskforce has developed a website as a source of news, ideas and resourcesfor schools on responsible information use and copyright law. The website summarises the legal aspects of copyright in simple and easy-to-understand pages.

Online Journals
Curriculum Corporation have initiated a new free online journal, Curriculum Leadership, which aims to provide comprehensive coverage of issues concerning education leaders in primary and secondary education. Curriculum Leadership is published every Friday except during the Christmas and January period. Access is by registration, which is free of charge.

Text resources
Luminarium: A library of Medieval, Renaissance and 17th Century English Literary texts:

Drewe's Script-o-rama:
Great online resource for film and television scripts:

The Bad Poetry Index:

Poetry Connection
The purpose of Poetry Connection is to showcase quality poetry to literature students and aficionados alike. In addition to texts of published poems, there is also a biography on each featured poet.

Trailer World:
Movie trailers - a great resource for teaching summary or persuasive language.