Free Teaching Resources

Years 7-12 

Connections across the Curriculum

Connections across the Curriculum is intended as a launch pad for a teacher’s own investigation of ideas and issues relating to the General Capabilities and Cross Curriculum Priorities described in the Australian Curriculum which have been incorporated into the NSW syllabus as Learning across the Curriculum. The resource presents the voices of teachers attending the 2012 national conference who have engaged with ideas presented and how these influence their practice.

Years 11 and 12

Studying the Australian Novel

This resource has been developed in conjunction with The Trust Company as trustee for the Miles Franklin Literary Award and funded through the the Copyright Agency's Cultural Fund. It has been designed to assist teachers support their students in understanding the nature and elements of the realist novel. The resource focuses on elements of the novel form and illustrates these through the close study of an exemplar text, Andrew McGahan’s The White Earth, then reinforcing understanding of each element of the novel by comparing its role in another text. The focus is on Australian award winning texts, particularly those that have won or been listed for the Miles Franklin Literary Award.

The materials in the resource are aimed at students in years 10 to 12 and have been developed to address the content of the senior courses of the Australian Curriculum.  Download the resource here.
An abridged version of this unit (centred around McGahan's The White Earth) can be found on the Copyright Agency's Reading Australia website.

Portrait of an artist

The resource "Portrait of an Artist", commissioned by the Caledonia Foundation, was developed by ETA on the documentary Paul Kelly: Stories of Me.
It addresses content in the Australian Curriculum English and Literature and focuses on teaching the idea of representation. The resource has been designed as modules that may be combined into a single unit or incorporated into units on other texts or on particular aspects of the syllabus.
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Years 9 and 10

Homelessness Matters

This resource, developed by ETA for The Caledonia Foundation, relates to the documentary film, THE OASIS.  It references the Australian Curriculum: English, integrating the strands, Language, Literature and Literacy, in activities based on the movie and on related literary texts. Students are also given extensive and detailed support in creating a documentary to raise community awareness on this social issue. This resource would be useful as support in THE OASIS film competition or indeed in making any film documentary. Click here to download resource.

Years 7-10 

Writing Place 

The ETA has joined with WestWords to create a resource for teaching in years 7-10 English classes. With a focus on the English Textual Concepts™ this resource supports the teaching and learning of the concepts of representation, narrative, character, theme, point of view, figuration, and code and convention. Using Western Sydney as a case study for the investigation into writing about place the resource offers a range of student activities and short texts and teacher notes to stimulate students' creative writing.   

Faculty Professional Development Package: Identity and Cultural Diversity 

This faculty package on Identity and Cultural Diversity is a resource for faculties to chart this cross curriculum element through English content from years 7 to 10. Identity and cultural diversity are important topics in themselves and in English they are implicated in key ideas such as subjectivity, perspective, empathic and critical reading, understanding the context of creation of and response to texts, language variation, power relationships and transmission of values. They engage theoretical areas such as reader response, structuralism and post-colonialism and also lend themselves to different approaches to English including personal growth, critical literacy and other cultural approaches. The inclusion of notions of identity and cultural diversity provide opportunities for high order thinking and the development of sophisticated skills in English. Click here to download the resource.

The Language of Connection

Global Education package The Language of Connection  is designed to broaden students’ habits of speech and of mind through the identification and practice of the language of connection. The content of the resource is drawn from English teachers’ presentations that related to the aims and concerns of Global Education at the NSW ETA Annual Conference 2011 Making Connections that Count. These have been brought together into a framework of aspects of connection, linked through language activities and written for a student audience.

Years 7- 8

Teaching unit: Food Connects Us

This is a program for an English unit using the 'food show' format to introduce and understanding of hybrid media programs and showing the importance of these shows in supporting intercultural understanding, Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia, and sustainability. The program outline is accompanied by student worksheets.