Newsletter February 2017

ETA new logo

For the past few months we have been making changes to the way we look - a new logo and a new website. The logo was launched at the annual conference in November and the new web site, because of issues with our developers,  is still undergoing testing of backend processes and should be launched soon.

ETA and the new Stage 6 Syllabus

Another delayed launch this year is that of the new Stage 6 Syllabus. Changes at the ministerial level seem to have postponed its availability anticipated at the beginning of the year, so disrupting some professional learning events scheduled early in Term 1.

As soon as it is released, the ETA will begin analysis of the syllabus, mapping textual concepts against it and preparing professional learning to support its implementation. Our first event has already been scheduled for 19th May at UTS where we will be giving an overview of the syllabus, tracking learning from Year 11 to Year 12 and providing ideas for teaching Read to Write. There will be events looking at the other Year 11 units as the year progresses.

In the meantime, here is an outline of the changes and the work to be done by faculties to prepare for the new courses. ETA Faculty Planner.

Judith Wright resource

Judith Wright: Poetry and Landscape
Advanced Module C elective 2: Representation of People and Landscape
A complete package for teaching Judith Wright's poetry for Module C

The resource written by Wafa Taoube and Mel Dixon includes information and worksheets on representation and landscape, strategies for teaching poetry, discussion and questions on each of the prescribed poems, suggestions for related texts, explanations on writing, tables for easy use in the classroom, and four powerpoints to support your class at different stages of the learning.

New type of event

It is with great pleasure that we introduce a new kind of event - one that invites you to begin your April break with an aesthetically satisfying professional learning experience. This year we are arranging a two-day writing teachers' retreat at the Q Station in Sydney Harbour National Park. 

Kerri-Jane Burke, winner of the ETA Premier's scholarship 2015 spent 6 weeks last year in England researching the latest information on teachers' developing their own writing along with their students. She is now keen to share with members what she has learned and has teamed wiht Associate Professor Suzanne Gannon to offer a program of teaching writing.

Numbers are limited for this event and we ask you to register early to ensure your place and our booking.





May June

Q Station - on North Head, Manly.

Q Station: cottage accommodation

New ETA resource on Judith Wright.

Speed dating with books?

Some 'how to' material here.

Stuck for words?

Calligrams, a good way to begin teaching concrete poetry.

Free screening for teachers of The Eagle Huntress.