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ETA HSC English Weebly


This weebly has been created for members to share materials they have found successful in their teaching of the HSC Standard and Advanced courses. Extension and ESL courses will be added as material is provided.

Preparing for the new Stage 6 Syllabus

The ETA will be begin a comprehensive program to support the release of the new Stage 6 English Syllabus on 19th May at UTS. This day will include an overview of the kinds of changes in the new courses, how these develop students' conceptual understanding of the subject and will introduce some teaching and programming strategies for the Year 11 courses. Save the date: 19th May, UTS Aerial Function Centre.

Annual Conference: Call for Papers

Re-imagining English

None of us wants to be in calm waters all our lives.
                                                                                                   Jane Austen, Persuasion
The future of English for the next decade or so has now been laid down as the final component, Stage 6, of the English syllabus has been put into place. So how has English been defined by the syllabus, where are we leading our students and how can we get there? What kind of growth is encouraged and how can we ensure a rich experience for our students?
To respond to these questions, ETA NSW invites teachers and educators to submit outlines for presentations and workshops for our annual conference based on successful ideas, explorations and examples of approaches to teaching and learning, program implementation or action research aligning with one or more of the following areas:
1. Innovative and strategic approaches to teaching of the new Stage 6 syllabus
2. Laying the foundations for Stage 6 in years 7-10
3. The transition from Stage 3 to Stage 4
4. English for literacy
5. The English teacher.
The full Call for Papers. The online Call for Papers will be available shortly.

Textual Concepts programs 2017

Mapping of the concepts underpinning Stage 6 will begin as soon as the new syllabus is released. In the meantime, bed down 7-10 to be confident of a continuum of learning  of concepts for your students. 

Beginning on 17th February, is a program for semester 1 on effective teaching and programming of the the English Textual Concepts, the resource 
 giving English teachers a clear development of the conceptual understandings explicitly stated in or implied by the English K-10 syllabus. 

17th February: A Year in Concepts 
gives examples of embedding the concepts in a scope and sequence to provide a continuum of learning through teaching units in Stages 4 and 5.
This event is accredited at the Highly Accomplished level. Teachers accredited at the Proficient Teacher level will
be given credit having completed the Highly Accomplished course.

1st March: English Textual Concepts in Depth
This webinar series of 7 sessions will address all the concepts in clusters considering
  • the concept cluster itself and why it matters 
  • choosing texts that address the concept 
  • processes for enacting a concept in responding and composing 
  • experimenting with the concept 
  • how the concepts focus assessment 
  • building concepts across stages.

Creative Horizons: Crafting creative writers
Mel Dixon

This publication from the English Teachers Association NSW is the first book in a series of three on creative writing. The elements of stories are explained, making students aware of the relationships between responding and composing. Each chapter is supported by activities, and worksheets that can be used in the classroom. Links to ACARA learning areas, English Textual Concepts, sample programs and lists of useful websites complete this welcome addition to your classrooms.

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Latest mETAphor

mETAphor Issue 4, 2016
This issue contains reviews, holiday reading lists and articles on: the English Textual Concepts™, creative writing, Bell Shakespeare, writing thesis statements, oral communication, Ten Canoes, 1984/Metropolis. It also features our Premier’s scholarship winner, and our Early Career Teacher scholarship winners.  Members.

HSC online courses for students

ETA has partnered with Edrolo, an extensive study and exam revision resource create online teaching and learning modules for the HSC Standard and Advanced courses. Developed and presented by expert teachers, these presentations and activities are designed to assist you in guiding your students through their coursework during the year and as they prepare for their final exams.

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mETAphor monograph

Primary teachers will now also receive a publication specifically directed at teaching English concepts in Stages 1-3. Our first edition is on Genre and intertextuality. Please login in to enjoy this members only benefit.

Latest English in Australia

  English in Australia 2016 Volume 51 number3

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