Kenneth Slessor’s 'Five Bells' has been voted Australia's favourite poem by ABC listeners. It is now widely held to be the most famous poem written about Sydney. In its interrogative stance to the relationship between the past, the present and the future, ‘Five Bells’ echoes the ambiguous emotions often associated with time and change.

At this time, the bells of change and possibility are ringing loudly for English teachers and educators. Past understandings of the subject and its teaching are now being reconfigured as a consequence of the introduction of the Australian Curriculum: English. Rapid changes in technology and the fast pace of globalisation have altered our understandings of language, literature and literacy. This is the essential conference for English educators at the forefront of change.

Join the carillon of English teachers with chimes of Time and Place, Inspiration, Questioning, Illumination and Renewal. The bells of the conference are summoning you to Sydney. Can you afford to ignore their call?


Check out the restaurants nearby and have a taste of the Crave Sydney Internation Food Festival.

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