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ETA HSC English Weebly


This weebly has been created for members to share materials they have found successful in their teaching of the HSC Standard and Advanced courses. Extension and ESL courses will be added as material is provided.

Draft Stage 6 Syllabus Consultation

The Draft Stage 6 syllabus has now been released and we have prepared an analysis of the differences between the current syllabus and the new proposals. The Standard, AdvancedEnglish StudiesEAL/D and Extension courses are available to members once they have logged in.  We hope that these will assist you in clarifying the new draft against your current practice.
    We ask that you respond to the ETA surveys individually or as a faculty so that our submission to the BoSTES reflects the views of the broad membership.  A faculty meeting around responding to the consultation can be an excellent form of staff development and using the list of differences in conjunction with reading the draft document can assist in clarifying some of the changes. 
    Regional branches will be holding accredited consultation meetings in their areas. 

    to allow for compilation of our report by the due date to the BoSTES
    ETA surveys 

    ETA Annual Conference 
    18th- 19th November
    Call for papers

    With a new senior syllabus at our doorstep and the introduction of the English Textual Concepts™, we are navigating through exciting waters. This conference aims to explore the possibilities of emerging currents that bring with them profound changes to the ways we teach our students. Even after four centuries great literary figures like Shakespeare offer inspiration and newness and create pathways through the present. Shakespeare may not have dreamed of our world but he understood those rhythms of humanity that steer us forward.

    Textual Concepts

    The English Textual Concepts™ website is now live and available to teachers. This progression of textual concepts and processes through which students learn them gives members a clear development of the understandings explicitly stated in or implied by the English K-10 syllabus. Developed jointly by the ETA and the NSW Department of Education, English Textual Concepts™ explains the meanings of concepts within a theoretical framework and charts the development of these from Early Stage One to Stage 5 to support teachers in 

    • guiding students towards higher order thinking through the core of the discipline of English 
    • developing understanding of these concepts for their students through the processes of English and
    • concept-based programming. 

    Give your students the benefit of this resource.



    New Free Resource: Concepts

    The ETA has joined with WestWords to create a resource for teaching in years 7-10 English classes. With a focus on the English Textual Concepts™ this resource supports the teaching and learning of the concepts of representation, narrative, character, theme, point of view, figuration, and code and convention. Using Western Sydney as a case study for the investigation into writing about place the resource offers a range of student activities and short texts and teacher notes to stimulate students' creative writing.  

    HSC online courses for students

    ETA has partnered with Edrolo, an extensive study and exam revision resource create online teaching and learning modules for the HSC Standard and Advanced courses. Developed and presented by expert teachers, these presentations and activities are designed to assist you in guiding your students through their coursework during the year and as they prepare for their final exams.

    Click here to learn more -

    Latest mETAphor

    mETAphor Issue 3

    Issue 3 includes: English Textual Concepts ; English Studies; Teaching Sidekicks by Kostakis; Science fiction; Jasper Jones; Creative writing for discovery; Rosemary Dobson unit; reviews; the Kibble Awards and related text lists

    Individual members of ETAs in other states

    Members of ETAs in other states can access all online resources including our journal mETAphor by joining as an associate member.